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SOREDEX panoramic x-ray

SOREDEX panoramic x-ray

Soredex x-ray from Finland have some features that facilitate and speed up the daily workflow:

  • Clear, self-explanatory control panel
  • Easy selection of imaging parameters
  • Short exposure time is convenient for the patient and allows lower radiation doses
  • Easy and accurate patient positioning
  • Free positioning of field-of-view (in case of 3D x-ray equipment)
  • Easy to use imaging software that is compatible with your other office software
  • Low radiation dose – the x-ray equipment should allow you to freely choose exposure parameters according to patient anatomy and ROI

Patient positioning plays a vital role in good image quality

An important element to achieve good image quality is correct and stable patient positioning. Even if you have good quality x-ray equipment, the image can be ruined by wrong positioning or patient movement during exposure. This is especially true in 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging. SOREDEX panoramic x-ray equipment feature 5-point patient positioning.

  • Stable patient positioning assembly (patient supported at least in 4-points)
  • Easy focal trough adjustment (alignment lights for focal trough, Frankfort horizontal and midsagittal line)
  • Wide anterior layer thickness (for example, 15 mm in CRANEX® D panoramic x-ray equipment)
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