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Dental Implants & Implants Crown


Get Bright New Teeth with Dental Implants in Bali. We are equipped with globally accepted implant systems. The implant system that we use is MIS dental implants with German quality.Our two implants placement on back teeth.


Product : MIS from Germany

Appointment required : ± 3 visits

Days required in Bali : at least 5 days

Price : @ 15,000,000 IDR

Procedure :

First Visit

  1. Consultation
    This step is very important to know the procedure and the maximal result. If you have an allergy or systematic disease, it is better to tell the dentist, so the procedure will be adjust to your condition.
  1. X-ray
    The nurse will take panoramic X-ray for you. This X-ray aims for see the condition of the bone and the position of the nerve, sinus or vital tissue inside the bone.
  1. Intra-oral examination
    The dentist will check your clinical teeth, take a mould for top and bottom teeth to get your stone-model.

Second Visit

  1. Minor surgery process
    The dentist will give you the local anesthesia and do the surgery for implant placement and do stitches on that side.
    For single implant placement it will need ± 30 minutes.
    If you do immediate implant placement, the dentist will remove the tooth that you want to replace with the implant. But, not every case is indication to do immediate implant ( consultation phase ).
  1. Temoprary denture
    note : not every case need temporary denture (consultation phase)
  1. Medical Prescription
    The dentist will give you antibiotic, pain-killer, anti-inflammation and mouthwash.

Third Visit

Remove stitches : after 5-7 days after the implant placement.


Implant’s crown will be done 2-3 months after implant placement. This is aims for get maximum stability first between the bone and implant.

Material : we usually do porcelain fused to metal for implant’s crown

Price : @ 3,000,000 IDR

Appointment required : 2 visits

Days required in Bali : ± 5 – 7 days

Procedures :

First Visit

  1. Check-up
    After 2-3 months, the dentist will check the implant condition clinically and from the X-ray.
  1. Take a mould
    If the condition is good and ready for crown, the dentist will take a mould for your final crown. The laboratory will need ±3-5 days to finished the crown
  1. Color selection
    The dentist will use shade-guide to match the color with the remaining teeth.
    Second Visit (after the crown finished by the laboratory)
    Crown placement with the permanent cement.


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