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Dental Price List

Please note that there will be price changes starting from 1st October 2019

ServicePriceExpected time per visit (approximately)Expected amount of visit (approximately)
Panoramic X-Ray (in office only)Free
Periapical non endodonticIDR 100.000
Periapical endodonticIDR 250.000
PanoramicIDR 300.000
CephalometricIDR 500.000
3DIDR 1.500.000
Digital Check up (with 3Shape Trios digital scanner)IDR 200,000
Dental Spa (scaling, air flow, polishing) with dentistIDR 300,000-700,00030 min1
Dental Implant + CrownIDR 16,000,000
Implant Only (Titanium Screw + Abutment) without crownIDR 12,000,0001 hour3
Chair side Laser Bleaching (exclude cleaning)IDR 3,500,00090 min1
Home Bleaching + tray (top and bottom)IDR 1,500,00015-30 min2
Bleaching Tray each jawIDR 500,00015-30 min2
Home Bleaching Gel Refill ( 2 syringe)IDR 750,000
Porcelain Crowns/Veneers/Overlays/Inlays per unit (For Porcelain we use E-max and Vita)IDR 4,000,0001 hour2
Zirconium Crowns/Bridges per unitIDR 4,000,0001 hour2
Zirconia Crown in 2 days (1-3 crown)IDR 5,000,000
Porcelain Crowns/Veneers/Overlays/Inlays per unit (For Porcelain we use E-max and Vita) in 2 days (1-3 crown)IDR 5,000,000
ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (exclude final restoration)
Root Canal Treatment (front tooth) – single canalIDR 1,000,000-1,500,0001-2 hours1-2
Root Canal Treatment (back tooth) – per canalIDR 1,000,0001-1,5 hours2-3
Root Canal Treatment (back tooth) – per canal +complicationIDR 1,500,0001,5 – 2 hours3-4
Retreatment – per canalIDR 1,500,0001,5-2 hours3-4
Metal braches (top and bottom)IDR 8,000,00060-90 min2
Ceramic Braches (top and bottom)IDR 12,000,000
Self-Ligating System Metal (damon)IDR 20,000,000
Invisalign (with 3Shape Trios digital scanner)IDR 60,000.000
Ceramic DamonIDR 25,000,000
Braces Check-up /month (exclude accessories if needed)
Metal brachesIDR 150,00090 min1 - 2
Ceramic BrachesIDR 200,00090 min1-2
Control Self-Ligating System Metal (damon)IDR 300,00090 min1 - 2
Permanent tooth (Adult)
Extraction (normal)IDR 300,000-500,00030 min1
Extraction with complicationIDR 600,000-1,500,0001 hour1
Extraction with surgeryIDR2,000,000-4,000,0001 hour1
Baby tooth (Child)
Extraction with anesthetic injectionIDR 200,000
Extraction with topical anestheticIDR 150,000
Composite FillingsIDR 300,000-600,00030–60min1
Direct Composite VeneerIDR 1,000,00020min/each tooth1
Direct Onlay compositeIDR 500,000-1,000,00030–60min1
Fiber PostIDR 1,000,00030 min1
Temporary FillingsIDR 150,000
Custom Fit Night Guard
2 mm thicknessIDR 1,000,00015-30 min2
3 mm thicknessIDR 1,200,00015-30 min2
Other Service
FRC (Fiber Reinforced Composite for Temporary)IDR 1,000,0001 hour1
Remove CrownIDR 500,000- IDR 1,000,00030 min1
Remove metal filingIDR 100,000-300,00015-30 min1


  • A 50% deposit is required at the start of treatment and the remaining 50% is required upon treatment/procedure completion.
  • For real time currency converter to USD or AUD check here
  • Accepted payment methods: Cash, Mastercard, Visa
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